How not to feel like a clubbed baby seal....

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      No idea.....

      Long story short....took the PS 50$ bonus some time ago and started working my way up....then the summer came, didn't play poker for quite a while cause i preffered RL fore some unknown reasons :D and my bonus offer expired.

      All that was left was somewhere around 15$ if i recall correctly. I said, Hey! I still have some left! That's cool, let's go play some poker. Started playing some SSS cash tables, some SNG's, started reading articles available here, some books i have on my computer...anyway, was a really fun couple of weeks.

      I managed not to lose it all at the start, and relatively easy worked my way up to about 150$. And then...the horror began.....losing practicaly 90% of coinflips, getting higher pocket pairs cracked by lower pocket pairs or 2 low connectors, one time in a SNG i even had AA/KK/QQ 4 times in a row on the BB and had everyone fold to me 4 times in a row.... :(

      All in's just a lot of bad beats, bad luck, bad players going wild and hitting those one outers hand after hand after hand....

      The result is pretty much obvious...I'm on a downswing for quite a while and it doesn't seem like changing directions. My bankroll is down to 20$, my poker related self-esteem is non existent anymore...took some breaks, came back afterwards just to find out I'm still getting bitch-slapped around the table the same way I actually got used to :D

      No idea why I'm writing this actually, maybe I'm hoping that sharing this with you guys will help me cool down, maybe I hope it will change my luck a bit....maybe I hope I'll just find a good enough reason to quit playing poker.

      It's not like I'm here trying to earn a living playing poker....(not that it would be a bad thing :D )...but still, all this is just taking away all the fun part of it...

      There, just my 2 cents.....probably all I'll have left in a couple od days anyway :D
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