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Question for you full tilters

    • gibster19
      Joined: 27.08.2007 Posts: 44
      Now looking back over the last few months i can say i have had a bit of a roller coaster of a ride..

      I dont play live poker and not really played on any other sites fairly new to playing poker so can someone answer me this

      I would say 90% (feels like all the time) when i have pocket Qs someone has Ks.. same with kings they have aces.. now i was not thinking much about this when i was the guy with the aces.. but after a bit of a rough going over as the Queen guy gets me thinking..

      so my question is this. going up against so many pocket pairs all the time does this happen alot in real life or on other sites..

      As every time i raise with my kings i get re raised and i think here we go again and yep hes got pocket aces.

      Is it one of them things where i just got to put up and shut up wiat for my luck to change to when im the aces guy or does this seem to happen more on this site..
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    • mafaz
      Joined: 07.12.2007 Posts: 222
      sure that happens.... but not as often as somewhere else....

      I remmeber on titan i was folding KK before the flop there LOL

      SO il lgive you some stats....

      I played around 190K hands on fulltilt.
      I got dealt KK 903 times of which 18 times i ran into AA. Not much huh?
      Then i got dealt QQ 851 times of which 25 i ran into aces and 21 times into KK.

      I dunno you prolly should ask someone from PStars to give you such stats to be able to compare.

      Maybe anyone has it? :)

      Live i dunno....

      Thats happens also.... Im a dealer myself... But in 2 years i prolly havent dealt even 10K hands cause thats is just so slow there :)

      So my guess is maybe that happened to you more often lately and you exagerrated it a bit.
    • gibster19
      Joined: 27.08.2007 Posts: 44
      possibly a bit of exaggeration but has happened a fair bit maybe need get me a poker tracker type thing see how many times it is.. Also on a downswing so that dont help with exaggerating lol
    • burek2000
      Joined: 16.11.2007 Posts: 3,105
      That's just normal, I had a bad run with my KK and QQ on FTP when I was getting coolered all the time for a week or so, but then luck changed. I am pretty sure it happens on all the other sites as well to anyone who plays a bit higher amount of hands.

      Anyway, mafaz's stats seem quite normal to me, because if you played heads-up your KK would encounter AA once in 222 cases and your queens would be coolered versus KK/AA once in 111 cases. Now if you take in consideration you play full-ring tables you have to divide the number of cases with the number of players at the table. For example if you raise KK UTG and there are 8 players behind you, someone will show up with AA once in 222/8=28 times on average.
    • Kalinimal
      Joined: 02.04.2009 Posts: 326
      I think that here KK vs Ace ot QQ happend too often, as you can see my rank I don't play much, but this fight with kk vs aa is way to often.
    • excelgeo
      Joined: 17.10.2008 Posts: 1,107
      well since i am going through a big downswing i could not possibly be impartial

      but logic says that you should not worry about it, it is not rigged.

      my emotions however are screaming RIGGED OMGWTF.

      sanity prevails.
    • gibster19
      Joined: 27.08.2007 Posts: 44
      Yeah i think i have to agree august was bad month for me at NL5 Deep stack went on a $40+ downswing lucky i cleared biggest bonus and take 2 to top me back up.. hopefully after leaving the deep stack and playing normal NL5 i can have a + month this month any + will be awsome still learning the game so got to expect alot of bankroll downswings i guess till i have plugged and learnt my game