ST SnG vs MT SnG

    • peche025
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      I was wondering if there is much difference between single table or multitable SnG's? I know the obvious difference in terms of pay out and time taken, but is it worth playing them? Surely you need to get a higher ROI to compensate from the fact it takes longer to play them?
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    • Atoks
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      The biggest difference is the fact that u need more chips to win an MTT compared to STT. The first adjustment u have to make is to be looser in early stage and play more hands. The longer a MTT SnG lasts the more it begins to resemble a STT SnG and the more u can apply the standard rules of how to play SnGs.

      The only way u can seriously affect ur ROI is by playing a good postflop game and having a solid knowledge of the HU game as well. If u know ur way around those u won't have to worry about ROI in MTTs.