[NL2-NL10] Could or should I have done better here??

    • RavForenzo
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      First all in guy is really fishy, the main villain is like 12 VP 10 PFR 2.0 Flop Agg.
      I should add here I thought he was on KK AA for sure

      PokerStars, $0.05/0.10 NO Limit Texas Holdem Cash Games, 9 Players
      Hand Converter by Pokerhand.org

      lowriderAK (UTG): $10.90
      PeterD.C. (BB): $4.20
      xalno (CO): $12.25
      jerry.czek (Button): $2.70
      InYaFace23 (SB): $10.30
      DarkDing (BB): $3.65
      19637 (UTG+1): $9.65
      gud7 (MP1): $9.85
      Siont (MP2): $11.30

      Dealt to xalno Q:club: Q:diamond:

      (2 folds), Siont raises to $.60, (2 folds), xalno calls $.60, jerry.czek raises to $2.70 and is all-in, (2 folds), Siont calls $2.10, xalno calls $2.10

      Flop: ($8.25) 9:diamond: 6:club: 3:spade: (3 Players)
      Siont checks, xalno checks

      Turn: ($8.25) 6:diamond: (3 Players)
      Siont bets $3.80, xalno calls $3.80

      River: ($15.85) 2:club: (3 Players)
      Siont bets $4.80 and is all-in, (1 folds), Siont returns $4.80

      Siont Showed J:spade: J:heart:
      Siont wins $7.25jerry.czek
      Siont wins $7.95
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    • dingdeng
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      reraise siont pf~~

      bet flop

      on river the pot's 15.85 and he bet 4.8,we got no excuse to fold here~~

      Don't show the result
    • Kaitz20
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      I´d 3-bet pf, when shortstack shoves and utg just calls I´m shoving
      Your hand is way ahead too many times to see flop and he´d likely would call also with worse hands
      you can b/shove flop, since likely you´re still ahead
      I´d also call river
    • RavForenzo
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      with time to think about this it does look bad. A few thoughts had occupied my head at the time though, i was really sure this guy had a bigger pocket pair. Is this just paranoia? He certainly played it that way. So my caginess was in that if he did, I didn't wanna blow my whole stack. A bit silly when I play comfortably with 65 BI at this level.

      I checked the flop to keep the pot reasonably low. Perhaps I was looking for a reason to fold, a K or an A on the turn.

      Hindsight is a wonderful thing. I think in answer to my own question, YES i should have done better here