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Luckboxing it all the way (SNG)

    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      [center]Second part of My blog:[/CENTER]


      How i turned $0 into $50 in 10 days. (SNG blog)

      :spade: This is my first Blog and i made it so i stay motivated with poker and track my progress.

      :spade: I live in Holland and started playing poker a bit more then a year ago and quickly became addicated to it :P I didn't want to risk any of my own money till i knew i was a good poker player though so i played play money for a long time. I quickly discovered S&G was what i was best at.

      :spade: I'm playing a few play money Sng a day till I heard about pokerstrategy from a friend. I signed up to pokerstrategy. Thinking i was a very good player :s_cool: Failed the test because i didn't read the articles. When i did read them i passed. I signed up to partypoker because i already had an account at pokerstars. I ignored the bankroll management because i thought i wouldn't win enough at the lower stakes. So i started playing $6 heads up S&G . As you can expect.. i quickly busted.

      :spade: Back to play money, But i did use bankrollmanagement. I looked around at the poker games and saw you could actualy win money without spending any. That day I signed up to a $1000 freeroll. The first big tournament i ever played. I played some 360 people S&G tournies But that doesn't compare to the 4572 people who entered it.

      :spade: Few hours of playing poker and alot of luck later i reached the final table. The blinds raised every 5 mins troughout the whole tournament. So it was pretty much Push or Fold the whole tournament. At most you would have maybe 10 Big blinds. but more often i had around 2-8 BB. And that obviously doesn't allow for much play. At the final table most people had around 5BB and no one wanted to bust obviously. i was right infront of the BB with ~180k in chips with a 10-K suited and the blinds at 100k i think. (i had 2BB max) i move all in because my hand wasn't bad and if i would get a bad hand at the BB i couldn't do anything but push. I busted 7th place winning a nice $22. Very happy to win in the first Free roll tournament i ever entered ofcourse. And i didn't plan to play for real money till another 6 months or something.

      :spade: I started looking for S&G for real money on pokerstars. With my bankroll i couldn't afford playing $1+0,10 S&G so i started grinding the $0,25 45 player S&G. 10 days after i won the freeroll my bankroll reached $50 by playing the $0,25 S&G tournies. During that time i remembered pokerstrategy and decided to join again :)
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    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      I tried a single table S&G Double or nothing and i cashed :) so thats good. it was quite easy to be honest. You just have to play tight. Probably going to try more of those but then Turbo.

      I also noticed my play was to loose. i was limping in with A-7o or 10J suited just to fold after a bet on the river way to much. So im going to play more tight tomorrow and hopefully i will get some profit from the MTT S&G

      btw, i need a program that tracks my hands and makes graphs out of it. can anyone help me with that?

      Played 4 more S&G. Was a bad decision. Losing every single coinflip and that's without exagerating. Everyone hits their flush and straight against me on the river.. and i even busted in one of them by calling an all in with AKs of hearts vs AKs of clubs. and then 3 clubs come on the flop.. got to love my luck today -.- Somehow i managed to end 1st in one of them winning back all the buy-ins. now im down just $7 today.
    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      I decided to move to single table tournaments.

      Because they are shorter, and its alot easier to see how your doing. because at MTT S&G there might be 20 ppl left in one and you could be in final table on the other. Although i have alot more experience in MTT SNG i'm pretty sure i won't go back to them.

      first 4 $1 SNG games results:

      1x 1st, 2x 3rd and once 4th.

      i almost cashed in all four, but i made stupid pushes which caused me to bust. Although they usualy just had an ace high, they still somehow thought they would beat me. And sadly they did. So im not going to push on the flop anymore but before when i need to. I feel like i could have gotten alot better results. and im definetly not happy with busting 3rd twice.

      BR: $46

      played 13 more of them in total. and had horrible bad luck the first four. At the end it did go better, and i decided to play more aggressive. and it payed off, although i didn't win much. Or actualy i lost 2 BI due to the bad luck earlier. I did realise my play was to tight and that i was simply waiting for big hands. Which ofcourse works, but sometimes you simply don't get one.

      BR: $43,95
    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      And im losing even more..

      I lost With AA 3 times today -.-

      AA vs QT

      flop: KJA

      AA vs 8J


      turn: T

      -.- dont remember the other one.. i limped in with AA two times because both times i was the BB and everyone before me folded but the Button and SB. So i didn't want to scare them away with a bet.. and then they got a straight on the flop or turn/river each time of those 3 times i had AA.

      It also seemed every single person would get lucky on the river.. exept me ofcourse.. 5 MTT SNG of 27/45 players. only became 4th in one of the 27 ones barely winning back two BI. It's just rediculous how i always have bad luck since i reached $50. i haven't gone over $50 even once since i reached it a bit over a week ago.

      Im probably not ever limping in or even raising with 3BB ever again but always going to push AA. i feel so disgusted when people hit their straight with their crap hands when they shouldn't even have been in the pot.

      BR: $41,95
    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      I decided to try 12 tabling today. bad decision because the tile tables function of pokerstars broke after like 8 tables. it stopped resizing them. and i only have an 18,5" screen so they were overlapping eachother completely.

      dont ask me how but somehow i probably played the best session so far finishing

      1st: 2x
      2nd: 2x
      3rd: 3x

      So im up $5 today. maybe i should continue playing on 12 tables, i really dont know how i could make profit while i had a split second to think about every decision and not seeing any play at any tables so impossible to make any reads. maybe i got lucky, and i did a few times. but i also got sucked out on a few tables so im convinced its not that. maybe because i had no time to think i made the right decision before i could lay the cards down by thinking i was beat.

      BR: $46,75
    • bbogdanmircea
      Joined: 11.02.2008 Posts: 48
      You started very interesting but maybe you should need to read some more articles.
      Currently I did too start from 2$ that pokerstars gave me for free and trying to build some bankroll by playing 1.15$ Double or Nothing Sit Gos.
      I play for fun, currently I reached 8$ but it seems that every time I'm near 10$ some bad luck strikes, but hope to get there soon.
      After 10$ the sky is the limit :D
      I'm just trying to improve my skills, I know it would be advisable to play lower buy in but I don't like Turbo Sit Gos.
      Good Luck in the Future!
      I recommend Double or Nothing combined with some multi-tabling like 4 tables at the same time.
      You don't win much, but if you keep your game tight is pretty easy to double up and you're not playing the lottery so often as in regular Sit Gos.
    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      you should play the $0,25 MTT sng with 45 players if you ask me.

      I accidently signed up to 9 non-turbo DON after i won in the normal SNG. and i only cashed in one of them. since i didn't realise it wasn't a turbo till i already busted in half of them.

      It was rediculous how tight people played it seemed like i was at the WSOP final table -.- after 50mins at one of those tables only one person had busted

      that and losing about every single coinflip + even losing hands when i completely dominated them like K-J vs K-9 and hten he hits the 9 on the turn. Caused me to lose $8. im down to about $38 now. Going to play more tomorrow, but im done with poker for today. It is my own fault for losing the money but i definetly had alot of bad luck to plus thinking it was a turbo so i was playing aggressive didn't help either.

      When i did have AA, KK ofcourse everyone folded. When i push with an average hand i did get called =|

      BR: $38
    • bbogdanmircea
      Joined: 11.02.2008 Posts: 48
      Now my bankroll is at 13$
      I got 4th place in a 45 1.2$ Sit&Go.
      Generally I played good, got lucky only once.
      At the final table It was push or fold most of the time, at some point I lost the track of stealing the blinds and got busted...still have to work on the last table strategy...but I'm pretty happy and for now my target is to consistently get to get in the money in Multi Table Sit&Gos. I also finished 5th in a 27 1.2$ Sit&Go and got 2.8$ I think and busted on 8th place just before the money in a 45 1.2$ Sit&Go.
      Taking into account that getting 4th in a 45 Sit&Go took me about 2 hours and I only got 5$ so a profit of about 3.8$ I tend to believe that playing 4 Double or Nothing (2 at the same time) may be somehow safer and more risk free.

      How was your game going lately?
    • Justin37
      Joined: 25.07.2009 Posts: 445
      Ur bankroll rolls like zig zag :)

      Why not u play cash game, use SSS strategy and play minor 0.25 tour.

      Maybe u will find your bankroll goin up...
    • fluffykiller
      Joined: 27.05.2008 Posts: 45
      Hahaownedlolz don't give up! You will get your Aces winning ! :P It is hard to get through those micro limits. I am in a down swing too now from $260 went to $200 it seems that people playing $3 sng are even worse than those on $1... I keep gettint called by stupid hands and they just hit their cards..

      But as I said we cannot give up! We gotta play again and again!
    • degre
      Joined: 30.04.2009 Posts: 413
      Originally posted by Hahaownedlolz
      btw, i need a program that tracks my hands and makes graphs out of it. can anyone help me with that?

      There are plenty of threads and you can pick your choice.

      That I know of:
      Poker Strategy -> Strategy -> Poker Tools
      21 days trial
      Free license at 1000 PS lifetime points. Once the trial expire you can still use most of the functionalities.

      Poker Tracker 3
      60 days trial
      44.89$ Micro Stakes
      88.99$ Full

      Open source.

      Holdem Manager (HEM)
      15 days trial
      55$ Micro Stakes
      80$ Full
    • VirtuaGod
      Joined: 09.02.2009 Posts: 514
      If u buy pokerracker or HEM through pokerstrategy store they are cheaper.

    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      Thanks for the replies guys. I did feel like quitting with poker, but im back playing now since yesterday. Wasn't playing that well, trying to make big bluffs that turned out horribly. only played 4 SNG though but i didn't manage to cash in any of them.

      I was in the hospital since monday because i had a bacteria in my stomach and it was bleeding. I was throwing up all day and almost fainted a few times. But i could go back home yesterday though and im feeling well. I still have to take pills for like 6 weeks :(

      I'm going to play more today and hope it goes good. I'd actualy like to switch to fulltilt poker because of the rakeback. and its hard to make profit for me in $1 +$0,20 SNG when i get extremely little rakeback on pokerstars because im bronze. But i'm not sure if they will transfer my little bankroll but i will look into that later.

      Current Bankroll start of today : $32,29

      I hope it goes well, i think im going to play alot today. My BR is very low for $1 SNG but i simply have no choice. If it goes down to $10 i will go down to the $0,25 MTT SNG again. Also going to try to be more positive, since i've been quite negative and complaining about bad beats alot.

      SnG Played: 4
      1st : 0
      2nd: 1
      3rd: 1

      I will Post the Hands that caused me to "Win" or Lose each SNG below. So Comment and say what you think :)

      SNG1:: The guy was pushing me around the whole time. kept reraising my Bluffs a few times during the heads up so i had to fold. I dont believe he had a hand everytime. This hand i was tired of it and i was sure he had nothing.

      Hand2: Here i make a good read.

      SNG2: I try to steal the pot on the Flop and thought he tried to Steal re-raise. I go over the top all in because i didn't think he had a hand.

      SNG3: I went over the top all in on the flop because there were very few hands that would actualy beat me that someone would call with. i thought he had an A-7, A-6 or A-2. Bad read again, its kind of my fault. But i don't really think the play was bad at all. I just can't put someone on a set.

      SNG4: Not much to say. I was short stack the whole tournament, never had over 2000 chips. I pushed all in preflop atleast 10 times but i never got called. Winning a small amount of chips each time. Then losing them again when i was the BB because i never hit my hands. I dediced to shove all in hoping he would fold or maybe get lucky and finally double up so i could play atleast.

      Played 2 DoN Turbo's. cashed in 1 and sucked out in other so i thought i'd play more. started 9 at the same time. and busted 6 in a row =| Not much to say. Not playing my A-game but i lost about every coinflip. Somehow i managed to cash in all the 3 last one's. Pretty much done with Don. They just aren't for me. BR is getting crippled.

      I shoved alot and took risks when i didn't need to. i just can't stand bad beats, i get demotivated quickly and start playing worse. Starting to think poker just isn't for me. BR is around $27 now. Probably not playing more today, but i might later.
    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      I almost gave up on poker yesterday. I really can't handle lots of bad beats.

      on saturday i thought id try the $3 SNG to see if it went better.. well i dont think i have to tell you i lost even more cash. I know it was horrible bankroll management but i really didn't know what to do anymore. Kept getting bad beats and i went on tilt a bit a few times playing very aggressive and although it was a coinflip almost every time i still lost them all.

      After playing 4 SNG yesterday and losing in each of them while having the opponent dominated each time i went all in and then getting sucked out made me almost give up on poker since my BR was now down to


      with $12,60 i could play 4 more SNG till i really have to move down to the $0,25 SNG or i could give Cash games another try.

      350 hands later.


      So im very happy with that. i got sucked out a few times, but not nearly as much as i was getting in the SNG. made so many bluffs and moves that worked im sure im going to keep playing the $0,01/$0,02 6max cash games. I did get AA once and KK like 5-6 times so i definetly did get some good hands. (although once i was KK vs AA before the flop and that didnt end well) But most of my profit still came from reraising bets and making good reads.

      The amount of Fish at those limits is rediculous. one guy kept going all in preflop and i eventualy doubled up on him. the $1 SNG players are far better, then these players i was playing. So im going to continue playing them, i was really shocked to be honest with the difference of how good the players played tbh. Since the buy-in is the same.

      I will post some hands later.. So many good ones though xD
    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      Since yesterday went so well i decided to continue at the $0,01/$0,02 Fast, 6max tables and it went great again :)

      I'm not sure how i can run this good at cash games.. i know i've had alot of bad luck in SNG but i didn't think it could be that im really that much more unlucky then most people. (Although i usualy am) Its especially weird if you consider i've never ran good in cash games, and have pretty much no experience in them and can make profit. while i've probably played like a thousand S&G and cant seem to make profit.

      i dont know what it is but 200 hands later

      BR: $20,32

      in 1 table i actualy managed to double up twice making $1 into $7 but i quickly lost half of it by calling an all in when the person had a flush draw and i top pair. unfortunately he hit it, i did continue playing there and went up to $5 again and decided to leave. at the other tables it didn't go so well, busted once or twice and a few times $0,50-$1 profits.

      I will post the hand with which i won the big pot with. it was the perfect flop for me i can tell you that :P

      Currently going to play a 20FPP $1000 free roll tournament much like the one i cashed 7th in. So hope i get lucky today. 20 FPP is actualy $4 rake for me since im bronze so its alot, but i just wanted to spend some of the FPP i've gotten :)

      p.s. I didn't manage to cash in the $1000 freeroll since i gotten 7th place in it. i've played it 2 times since and busted right outside the bubble in one of them by finishing 504th of 5400 (<- not 100% sure) when i had 5 BB left and QQ. it was about 20 ppl left till we would reach the cash prizes but unfortunately the break came while i had that hand. and dont remember the other one. it requires alot of luck, you have to win coinflips multiple times to reach the cash in them so it wasn't easy.

      The other (3 i think) times i didn't play in them. I simply forgot to play in them xD

      P.S. if i buy a pokertracking software its going to be from the money i've won with poker so until i have around $200+ i probably won't buy one
    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      Some hands of the last few days:

      1 The Perfect Flop

      2 Big Pot

      (^ those were at the same table. i lost half of the $7 by calling an all in on the turn unfortunately the guy showed a flush. It was a mistake calling it but i didn't think he had a made flush yet.)

      3 This Guy was a real donkey. he kept moving all in with any hands like 5 times in a row.. till he ran into my hand ofcourse ;)

      4 A good read of mine

      There were alot of hands i would like to show :D I really made some good reraise bluffs but i can't seem to find them. Im going to start playing today and hope it goes as well as the last 2 days.
    • cojonel
      Joined: 02.07.2008 Posts: 1,039
      i dont want to demoralize u but i think when the first minus sesion will come u will go broke by playing higher limits.... prouve me isn t that :)
    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      Why would i play higher limits when im losing? how does that make sense?

      Anyway.. the session today started well. after just 150 hands i was up $3 and i had that feeling again that i had the last 2 days that i should stop playing and be happy with what i won.

      On the other hand.. im playing less hands each day now. and i could play alot more. If i could make profit in such a short time i should also be able to do it if i played more hands right?

      Well no. I guess my "poker instincts" were right. I kept losing hand after hand, they seemed to hit every time against me. And after this hand i decided it was really time to leave the tables.

      I just felt i had him beat on the turn. i simply didn't believe he had a Q or an 8. I shove all in a bit over agressive. I admit, but watch for yourself:


      I ended the day with $0,50 profit. which isn't all that bad i guess, but it does suck since i was up $3.

      Here are some hands during the first 150 hands.

      1 a good call here. To be honest i thought he had KK or AA since everytime someone reraised that big they usualy had a hand like that. I decided to call anyway and see what happens.

      2 If i think you have nothing. you have nothing :s_cool:

      3 Semi-bluff :)

      Another one :)

      4 Big pot . i didn't want to scare him away by immediatly reraising all in on the turn. But i sould have raised to all in on the second raise he made.

      5 Another perfect flop :D

      Few more hands :D

      Well thats it o.O doubt anyone will watch them. but feel free (<- translation: PLEEAASE) to watch a few and comment about my play
    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      and again i was up to $24. thought to myself i should quit. but again i ignored that feeling xD trying to bluff someone out of a pot cost me $1,50. Im pretty sure its just in my head but oh well..

      BR: $22

      Im now playing on 1 table and a freeroll satelite in a PCA freeroll satelite: freeroll satelite. 12K players registered to it. Im going to play more freerolls again to. the only problem is they fill up in like a second alot of them.i busted around 2000th place.

      anyway on the 1 table it went very well. but i was getting afraid of players and didn't want to take any chances. I was playing very tight while my agressive play was the thing what earned me money in the first place.

      i went up and down and after a horrible suckout with a QQ vs a 9-j because i didnt raise big pre-flop i decided it was enough with the tight play :P im up $1 now. i personally think im not good enough yet to play at 4 tables at the same time. so im going to continue playing at 1 then slowly adding a table again once i can make profit at all of them till i reach 4 again.

      I will update again later today after the freerolls.

      I just discovered part of the reason im able to make profit. is simply that the rake at the $1 sit en go is $0,20 which is just insane. thats 20% rake

      at the $0,01/$0,02 tables i dont pay any rake unless the pot reaches $1 and then i pay $0,05 which is 5%. if you consider most pots dont even reach $1 and very few $2 the rake is more then 4 times lower.

      two tabling went well and i finally broke the magical $24 barrier :D i have to admit i went on tilt for a few hands but quickly calmed myself down not losing any more money. (although it was expensive since my 2 all in reraises got called) after 415 hands total today :

      BR: $24,15

      going to continue 2 tabling tomorrow. 1 tabling was just a bit to slow since im used to 4 tabling although as i said i dont play that good when i do.

      I finished with the $100 freeroll. it's a waste of time but i wanted some more big tournament experience. 2754 players entered the tournament, at 350 players i was 4th place. but then it started going wrong, bluffs and blind steals getting reraised stuff like that. and i quickly lost half my stack again. I did make a very sick call earlier in the tournament.

      i finished 124th place taking home a whopping $0,13 :D

      P.S. i nearly doubled my bankroll in 3 days :s_cool:
    • Hahaownedlolz
      Joined: 24.04.2009 Posts: 1,755
      decided to play the $1000 freeroll again i busted right before the cash again. busting 433th of 3609. and the cash starting at 378th place.

      My plan was to try to become 216th to win $1,10 which is the buy in in the other tournament which has an $1,10 buy in with $1000 added in the tournament by pokerstars.

      Need to become 81th to win back 5 TIMES my original buy-in. So only 10% wins as usual but if you do you win alot since pokerstars added more then all the buy-ins together.

      It's going well atm 444/737 players left. i will update again after its finished