Slowly giviing up

    • Sinnology
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      Hey guys.

      I am being in this for 3 months, playing intensely for 2 months and now came to the point where I am about to give up.
      I read articles, watched the video, even had some results.
      I received my 50$ from PS, with some ups and downs I menage to hold big part of that what was given to me, but never menage to go above it, no matter how good it looked in the beginning.
      Doesn't matter how good I am one day there soon comes time when I downswing and lose more than I earned the day before.
      I am also aware that there are many many undiscovered and unlearned things in poker,and I am pretty much greenhorn here, who earned barely 77 SPs.
      But slowly I think I have enough of it.
      I cant stand constantly loosing with poor straights , lousy nuts with 67s against AA,and pretty fucked up flushes on river with K high,or lose with pocket JJ and almost never beat them in oposite.
      And what dissapointed me even more, that I never menage to win when I am on that side of a coin and waiting that spade to fall on turn or river, or that
      After that I bring some more bad decisions or good ones, but luck decides to go on other side.

      I constantly have feeling that someone behind the screen whos fuckin with me.
      I dont know guys, but I am thinking to give up whole poker thing, since I am more and more awared that its not for me,and probabley should go and seek some other things in life.

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    • ManoloB99
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      Since your psychological mindset is very important for playing, maybe take a few days off or a week and read up a bit or just relax and give it a try again after the break. I think the most important thing though is that you enjoy it. Otherwise, it's really hard to play your A-game.
    • Sinnology
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      THats sounds as good idea.
      Maybe I should do that.
      I have to say, that I really enjoy playing poker, its lots of fun to me and I see it more as game of chess than where is much much to learn than something where luck plays major role.

      Thx for suggestion
    • slowshow
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      When You are on TILT, and seems You are on TILT, playing is really bad idea. You will notice bad things and ignore good things, then it will lead to deeper destructive tilt and eventually You will go broke. Then You will say that poker is rigged. So calm down.

      Play 1-2h every day and review Your hands next day, i can guarantee, that there will be lot of mistakes You did not notice while playing day before. Review and try to find mistakes, write them down. I improved my game this way. Review, review, review.

      It may sound funny but people learn only from their own mistakes. At least me. Just need to find and remember them!

      GL mate :f_cool:
    • DazBones
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      well then if you do appreciate to play poker just take a break,everyone do pass in a period like that,bad beats are always behind the corner but you have to stay patient always to get better in the long term.