Push/fold phase

    • Pichux
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      I was wandering about some play in the push/fold. When doing the ICM training, there are times when you are in SB and having 100% pushing range, but sometimes it's not bigger than 70%. I watched the stacks on some occasions, but still don't seem to understand when it becomes the difference. OK maybe the pushing ranges are still big enough, but going all-in with J3o looks and also feels pretty stupid when you get called. Can anyone explain this to me more detailed? :f_grin:
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    • NickParkes
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      Keep practicing on the ICM trainer and looking over the hands you got wrong... When it comes to pushing ATC it is profitable in certain situations over a long period of time... also a hand like J3o has about 38% chance (did not check this, by memory if I am off a bit) of winning against AK... so even though you will get called you can sometimes double up... but people will fold a lot and you increase your stack, rather than folding and getting blinded away...

      But me simply telling you is still a long way from the understanding that is required... practice the ICM trainer, post hands in the forum that you are not sure of and check out the coachings, gl