I wanna be gold gold GOLD !

    • aceonetheriver
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      MANNN this is sick, 4 days and no strategy points! i'm playing more nd more ..Gold Articles are damn hot :s_cool: :s_love: ..i'l never be Gold likes this :s_mad: :s_mad: :s_mad: :s_mad: plus why we can't watch or talk about Heads up ( hu section) unless we are Glod ! unfair :s_frown: :s_frown:
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    • kingdippy2008
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      Haha, i know your frustration ;) I used to be like that. The strategy points are taking an while to update, but this is because PokerStrategy are waiting for the lists ;)

      Hopefully you will have 800 Strategy Points when all are updated and you can read all the gold articles :)

      Good luck and best regards,