[NL2-NL10] NL25 few hands I lost a few BIs with

    • goudviske
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      Another attempt at NL25, but after being down 4 BIs think Ill stick to NL10 again for a bit...
      Would like to have some feedback tho :)

      Hand 1: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/poker-hand-converter/143605

      No stats on vilains
      What I thought was CU is stealing, so TT seems to be descent to defend the hand, so I pushed it in for max fold eq.

      Think this isn't bad play tho, please correct me if Im overlooking something.


      Hand 2: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/poker-hand-converter/143603

      Vil stats: 35/4 but only 23 hands
      Was a bit scared of the flop, and since he was pretty passive in the stats I had, thought Id skip the conti bet, and just play c/f


      Hand 3: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/poker-hand-converter/143601

      Vil stats: 27/5 with 74% fold to conti bet, af 1.0
      BB stats: 18/10 with 67% fold to conti bet, af 2.5
      Thought to isolate the limper with a hand that should be ahead of his 27% limping, certainly in late posse. Didn't expect the BB to call the raise also. 4 spades to flush so I thought vs 3 opponents might be profitable to push as conti bet, and have some chance they would fold, and if they didn't I still had the K high flushdraw.

      Don't think I should have played this differently.


      Hand 4: http://www.pokerstrategy.com/poker-hand-converter/143598

      No vilain stats
      Don't think I played this badly, but not sure if I should have bet the turn with the 3 hearts, still I chose not to, not sure what the proper play is in this situation
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    • burek2000
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      Hey goudviske,


      The way I see HH villain was MP3 and possibly a SSSP which means his range would be 99+/AQ+ against which you have only 44.3% equity and should therefore fold. I would just stick to standard JJ+/AK without the stats/reads here. On the other hand if he was openraising CO it would have been an easy push.


      If you decide to start stealing with wider range than the standard SHC, you still need to play hands the same way, meaning c-bet/fold this flop.


      Nice hand, with lots of FE and lots of outs that's a profitable shove on the flop.


      You have 3 opponents and semi draw heavy board, so bet potsize on the flop(it's standard in freeplays). On the turn however your 2-pair becomes worthless with second J showing up, so just play c/f turn and c/f river.

      Keep analyzing and improving your game and I'm sure you'll crush NL25 in no time. ;)