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Planting seed

    • Pagerage27
      Joined: 02.10.2009 Posts: 3
      Pagerage27 Poker Blog :f_biggrin:

      Ok guys this is the first ever blog i have written,but i believe it could be very helpful in terms of my poker game to record my progress in this kind of form, as i can get feedback from all you people in our lovely community.

      Firstly some basic introductions;
      My name is Ryan Page,i am 24 and live in a little village called Rhoose in Wales,UK.
      I have been lucky enough to see a lot of the world over the last 3 years and have a girlfriend who i love very much who lives in Australia.I spent up until august over there and she will be coming over to see me for a mini Europe trip in January.
      I love life but sometimes hate the drag of having to be a slave to the rat race and all that and ideally would love to spend my days travelling the world with my Girlfriend making a decent wage by playing Poker.We can dream cant we? :heart:

      I have only been a member of PS one day and as such haven't recieved my starting BR yet but i wanted to get this started and to let everyone know what preperations i have put together on my road to becoming a poker pro ;)

      So without further ado.

      --------------------------------- ieatacidme<pacific poker> Current Bankroll: $0 ---------------------------------

      Ok , so i passed the test this afternoon after studying the base material.It took me 2 tries as to be honest the first go i didn't bother to study the articles.
      I have quickly realised i'm going to get nowhere if i don.t study and as such will be spending the free time i have available for poker studying 70% of that time and playing for the other 30%.Hopefully this will give me the edge against my opponents and will allow my bankroll to grow faster.

      I have decided to major,if you like, in single table SnGs as i have been playing Poker online for 2 years, mostly cash games, which i never have really gotten anywhere with.In fact, i have lost if i'm honest, probably a 300quid of my own investment over those 2 years on poker.I guess i'm very much still a fish but now i feel with the help and guidance from all you guys and ofc PS i can make myself into a successful player.

      Having read all the articles and equipping myself with the free tracking software i patiently await the arival of my bankroll so i can kick start this adventure off.

      More to come very soon,wish me luck.
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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi Ryan,

      Nice introduction, good luck with your blog.

      The starting capital shouldn't take too long, just be prepared in case they ask for you for ID documents. This is perfectly normal and safe/secured.

      Wishing you well in your poker journey and will look forward to reading how you get on in due course.

      Best regards,

    • Pagerage27
      Joined: 02.10.2009 Posts: 3
      --------------------------------- ieatacidme<pacific poker> Current Bankroll: $0 ---------------------------------

      Whilst still waiting on my ID check to clear today for my bankroll i decided to play a freeroll on PartyPoker to quench my poker thirst. smile
      It was a MTT with 832 starting players and i finished a not so satisfying but but pretty respectable 90th (woop me!)It was of the speed NL format with 5minute blinds.
      In the past i have done terrible in these but i do feel PS gave me a lot more edge to my game and in fact i managed to survive by just playing 2 hands.Due to the fast blind levels i treated the whole game as a end phase of a STT and just pushed or folded depending on my basic as of yet understanding of ICM etc.

      For the sake of doing so here are the hands i chose to go with.

      (apologies for the layout its a direct handhistory file will edit once i get my hands on Texas Grab'em but link is broken at the moment)

      The first hand not that exciting really but here you go smile

      ***** Hand History for Game 8485086441 *****
      NL Texas Hold'em Trny: 47825315 Level: 5 Blinds(150/300) - Monday, October 05, 13:23:37 EDT 2009
      Table UK & Ireland 50 Seat Frenzy Qualifier Speed (1764605) Table #17 (Real Money)
      Seat 10 is the button
      Total number of players : 8
      Seat 5: Bearna ( 2,420 )
      Seat 7: Brillo_01 ( 7,260 )
      Seat 10: JMAKATAK88 ( 165 )
      Seat 9: camorach ( 9,365 )
      Seat 4: cyril366 ( 13,685 )
      Seat 1: ieatACIDme ( 2,390 )
      Seat 3: manning411 ( 4,980 )
      Seat 6: xxsam19 ( 30 )
      Trny: 47825315 Level: 5
      ** Dealing down cards **
      ** Dealing down cards **
      Dealt to ieatACIDme [ Ad Qd ]
      cyril366 calls [300]
      MrGilbertson has joined the table.
      Player MrGilbertson has been moved from table 48 to this table
      Bearna folds
      xxsam19 folds
      Brillo_01 folds
      camorach calls [300]
      JMAKATAK88 is all-In [165]
      ieatACIDme is all-In [2,240]
      manning411 calls [2,090]
      cyril366 folds
      camorach folds
      ** Dealing Flop ** [ 6h, 4s, 8s ]
      ** Dealing Turn ** [ As ]
      ** Dealing River ** [ 7h ]
      ieatACIDme shows [ Ad, Qd ]a pair of Aces.
      manning411 shows [ Ks, Qc ]high card Ace.
      JMAKATAK88 shows [ Td, Js ]high card Ace.
      ieatACIDme wins 4,720 chips from the side pot 1 with a pair of Aces.
      ieatACIDme wins 825 chips from the main pot with a pair of Aces.
      Player JMAKATAK88 finished in 451.

      The reason for the hefty push was this was level 5,had only around 10BB left in my stack and they were literally the best cards i had seen as of that point.
      All in all a sound decision i believe.In the end had manning dominated with his KQ.

      I didnt have any action for what seemed like forever and found myself in a similar position,but this decision, although it paid off i'm not sure about.

      ***** Hand History for Game 8485151524 *****
      NL Texas Hold'em Trny:47825315 Level:9 Blinds-Antes(600/1,200 -50) - Monday, October 05, 13:42:55 EDT 2009
      Table UK & Ireland 50 Seat Frenzy Qualifier Speed (1764605) Table #17 (Real Money)
      Seat 8 is the button
      Total number of players : 8
      Seat 2: MrGilbertson ( 180 )
      Seat 4: cyril366 ( 8,135 )
      Seat 6: danny12444 ( 2,740 )
      Seat 7: delboy777333 ( 16,145 )
      Seat 1: ieatACIDme ( 6,870 )
      Seat 5: itisevets ( 10,540 )
      Seat 8: johnmdaaa ( 6,605 )
      Seat 3: manning411 ( 30,760 )
      Trny:47825315 Level:9
      Blinds-Antes(600/1,200 -50)
      ieatACIDme posts ante [50]
      MrGilbertson posts ante [50]
      manning411 posts ante [50]
      cyril366 posts ante [50]
      itisevets posts ante [50]
      danny12444 posts ante [50]
      delboy777333 posts ante [50]
      johnmdaaa posts ante [50]
      There is no Small Blind in this hand as the Big Blind of the previous hand left the table.
      ** Dealing down cards **
      ** Dealing down cards **
      Dealt to ieatACIDme [ Jh 4d ]
      MrGilbertson folds
      manning411 folds
      cyril366 calls [1,200]
      itisevets folds
      danny12444 folds
      julesaaa has joined the table.
      Player julesaaa has been moved from table 21 to this table
      delboy777333 folds
      johnmdaaa folds
      ieatACIDme is all-In [5,620]
      cyril366 calls [5,620]
      ** Dealing Flop ** [ Js, 7c, 3s ]
      ** Dealing Turn ** [ Kh ]
      ** Dealing River ** [ 5h ]
      ieatACIDme shows [ Jh, 4d ]a pair of Jacks.
      cyril366 shows [ 9c, 9s ]a pair of Nines.
      ieatACIDme wins 14,040 chips from the main pot with a pair of Jacks.
      jimbobusm has joined the table.
      Player jimbobusm has been moved from table 19 to this table

      As you can see a nice flop saved my bacon.The all in was probably a bad idea but since i had been playing a very tight game(this was level 9 or so and still my second hand)i decided that a raise would be respected due to my table image.Im not sure if this was a statistically sound move but it paid off and i doubled my stack.


      Anyways as all good things must come to end as did my Tourny with only 3 hand played in total!!!
      Here was the last hand i played and it was kinda sick loss-but hey thats ok take a look and sigh with me fish cry

      ***** Hand History for Game 8485179630 *****
      NL Texas Hold'em Trny:47825315 Level:11 Blinds-Antes(1,000/2,000 -75) - Monday, October 05, 13:51:04 EDT 2009
      Table UK & Ireland 50 Seat Frenzy Qualifier Speed (1764605) Table #7 (Real Money)
      Seat 9 is the button
      Total number of players : 10
      Seat 7: B1g_D0GG ( 72,945 )
      Seat 6: basspilot63 ( 8,055 )
      Seat 5: bigspaz1 ( 54,195 )
      Seat 8: danny12444 ( 2,785 )
      Seat 3: deano1two ( 30,345 )
      Seat 2: ieatACIDme ( 12,915 )
      Seat 9: jimbobusm ( 17,435 )
      Seat 10: neilddc ( 14,770 )
      Seat 1: shawnyboy83 ( 26,420 )
      Seat 4: willieholden ( 19,360 )
      Trny:47825315 Level:11
      Blinds-Antes(1,000/2,000 -75)
      shawnyboy83 posts ante [75]
      ieatACIDme posts ante [75]
      deano1two posts ante [75]
      willieholden posts ante [75]
      bigspaz1 posts ante [75]
      basspilot63 posts ante [75]
      B1g_D0GG posts ante [75]
      danny12444 posts ante [75]
      jimbobusm posts ante [75]
      neilddc posts ante [75]
      ** Dealing down cards **
      ** Dealing down cards **
      Dealt to ieatACIDme [ Qd Qc ]
      ieatACIDme is all-In [12,840]
      deano1two folds
      willieholden folds
      bigspaz1 folds
      basspilot63 folds
      B1g_D0GG folds
      danny12444 folds
      jimbobusm folds
      neilddc folds
      shawnyboy83 calls [10,840]
      ** Dealing Flop ** [ 2s, Qs, 4s ]
      B1g_D0GG: not doubling u up again ( :
      ** Dealing Turn ** [ 7s ]
      ** Dealing River ** [ 5h ]
      ieatACIDme shows [ Qd, Qc ]three of a kind, Queens.
      shawnyboy83 shows [ Jd, As ]a flush, Ace high.
      shawnyboy83 wins 27,430 chips from the main pot with a flush, Ace high.
      Player ieatACIDme finished in 90.

      Does this constitue as a bad beat?Saw the flop saw my trips smiled then as i thought please not a spade there it drops.Surley QQ has odds over JA and im not that pissed with this loss as im 100percent sure i did the right thing in that situation.

      My questions to you lot is is the correct way for turbo/speed MTT tournys to be played super tight like i did?I found that i just treated it like a push/fold game and was surprised to see this take me into the last 10percent of players.

      Well as i said not the most exciting MTT ever but i was happy with the results.
      I will continue the updates as and when the next interesting game happens smile