Flying fishes.

    • kevvu
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      Lately i have some problems against extreme maniacs. I saw many players just playing anything. They cap prf Ak and even 72. For them its same ;) . And post-flop they can cap all streets with bottom pair, gutshot, OEST and monsters as well and I cant forget with NOTHING too. And they hit all hands. Against these players is it better to go out from table or try to take his money? Yesterday I tried to take their money. I closed all tables, except one and played it 4 hours. I watched all their hands and i wasnt able to read them. When i ended i was breakeven in that table and these two idiots were 100$ s of up. Limit is 1/2. Have somebody same problems, and what to do then?
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    • Tommino
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      Hey, I was dealing with this not long a time ago. I just wait for some hand, then call down with any pair and cap top pair and above. It is probably correct to cap them with maybe 2nd pair or so, but I think it adds great deal of variance to your game, so I don't like it. I limp with more hands, because of huge implied odds. In my opinion, reading them is impossible and pointless, just play your cards.
      PS: When you have KK, and A shows on board, don't cap him thinking that there is no way he can have it :D (I'm saying that more to myself, then to you obviously...I guess you don't have problems with that on 1/2 :)
    • SoyCD
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      If you know that they really play like this with 100% of their range then simply make your decisions from an equity point of view vs a 100% range.

      Since they will most likely not actually play like it with a true 100% range just play against a sufficiently wider range and value play hands like pairs or A high appropriately.

      While playing against such opponents is of course swingy it is also highly profitable. You should only avoid such players if they put you on tilt, if you are not capable of playing loosely enough against them (e.g. folding too often) and if you hate variance too much ;)

      Best regards
    • kevvu
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      Main problem with them was that they hit all the time better hand that me. If i think i have best hand, like flush then on river they got FH and so on. U sayed i need to play according equity, so I need to use equalaitor whne i play. Its a little hard. I am not so good with equity play :/.
    • TerrorBlade
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      SoyCD doesn't mean use equilator while you play but simply adjust your definition of a "strong hand" to the opponent.

      If you can imagine here's a list of hand strength levels:

      Bottom/low pair good kicker (don't put in much action/try to see a showdown)
      Middle pair bad kicker
      Middle pair good kicker
      Top pair no kicker
      Top pair good kicker
      weak 2 pair
      strong 2 pair
      other very strong hands (cap every street vs them)

      You already know what to do vs a normal opponent so "pretend" that your hand is 1-2 strength levels higher than it actually is and then play them accordingly.

      This means you have to show down most pairs you pick up and put in multiple bets on the big streets with anything above and including middle pair good kicker