Pokerstars cashout with VISA.

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      Hello everyone. I got a tiny problem. Since english language isnt my native one I just cant seem to understand few things about cashout on PokerStars.

      I finally got my 500FPP`s and decided to cashout some money. I decided to pick VISA. But the problem is I dont understand what they mean with "purchase". It might be dumb but I want to be sure.

      They say: "VISA (Visa is only available if you have made at least one purchase with a CFT eligible VISA and your cashout to VISA is from $100 to $6,500, (please check with your card issuer for individual limits). Cashouts to VISA will be automatically converted by PokerStars from USD into the currency of the most recent CFT eligible VISA deposit."

      Do they mean purchase in general or is it reffered as a deposit?

      If they mean it as deposit then I should deposit 10$ and then they can transfer my cashout to the VISA.

      Sorry for all this chaotic sentences :)
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