LOL @ Omaha

    • HorstFeratuPQ
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      i just play a NL omaha h/l freeroll on stars, but i got bored with it very fast, so i started pushing all in.

      but instead of busting out, i won 3 massive pots now, and increased from 1500 chips to 18k.

      wtf is wrong with this game, i certainly did not know what i was doing pushing random hands. now i will have to lose a lot of all ins to bust out finally ;)

      edit: small update, 21k now, busted 2 ppl out with [Jc 4h 3d 8h]

      edit2: kicked out another bigstack, now have 47k chips at blinds 50/100.

      i won with Platz 7: Tokvila zeigt [As 4c 6c 3h] und gewinnt (43439) mit HI: Straight, Zwei bis Sechs; LO: 5,4,3,2,A


      Platz 9: Iskander52 zeigt [Ad Kc Qd Kd] und verliert mit HI: Zwei Paare, Könige und Fünfen
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