bad move or bad luck????

    • wardog37
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      Just wanted some feedback on a hand i played quite a while ago in an mtt on a local poker room. Cant remember all info exactly but i'll do my best. There were 14 players left, an it pays ten places. I was sitting with about 20-25 bb stack. The last 3 rotations that I was on bb, the button(who was the big stack at the table) had raised my blind and i'd had to fold. My next bb i get dealt A5s. Action is folded round to the button who again(4th time in a row) raises it. So I decided to push all in thinking its likely he'll fold cuz he cant have it every time, and if he did call my A high might be good. He called and turned over AA an i busted out in 14th. Should I have just kept folding to his raises or was this just a case of bad timeing???? It haunted me for days:)

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