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How to improve hand reading skills besides just reviewing hands you played?

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    • cryoburn
      Joined: 17.11.2008 Posts: 322
      Well from my still short experience in poker it's quite hard to read hands.
      What you should learn (as i'm still learning) is to put opponents on hand ranges based on their stats, the reads you have on them and the way you think you are perceived by them. Be sure to have a lot of hands for some stats! Like more than 1k for some stats.

      A good starting point is VPIP and PFR. And mainly PFR by position.
      That can give you a good PFR range of your opponents. E.g. an opponent in SH with a 40% VPIP and a 30% is definetly open raising K6s on the button.
      Other stats that save me a lot of money are 3Bet related. For example, I have this regular on SH tables that I have +2k hands on him. His 3B is just 1%. Meaning that when he 3Bets me I'm folding almost everytime because he's holding AA or KK. The only times I call his 3B is when we are deepstacked and I have a poket pair hoping to stack him with a set.

      I don't know how to measure it but stats are the way to learn.
      So get elephant, pokertracker or holdem manager!