All in or Fold?

    • maxtorz
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      Last table of a tournament at the casino, UTG calls, UTG+1 goes all in (ss) followed by 2 calls. I look at my hand and see TT, if the ss goes out im the next ss, however the player on bb has went all in for the past 5 hands, i fold, thinking against 5 players my chances are pretty awful even on the off chance im ahead im still far more likely to lose than to win the pot.

      Flop comes with 4 :diamond: 7 :heart: T :spade:
      turn J :diamond:
      river 2 :heart:

      the winning hand is a pair of 7s, im quite devastated, should have i went all in against all those players or did i make the right fold?
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    • Jackalof
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      The flop does not matter since you folded. Nice fold imho :f_cool:
    • Espire2k6
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      u rly ruined it :D
      (ss) could go all-in with any combination and i am sure that he doesnt have pocket pair because when u are SS u go allin with many combinations... when man which went all in 5 rounds in a row ... he cant have so much luck to catch "allin" hands 5 rounds in a row:f_cool:
    • Justin37
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      Normally i play like this:

      1. ALL IN - If ss out and you become the next small stack in the next round.
      reason: you are going out pretty soon by blinds + ante.

      2. FOLD - If u have more chips in your hand.
      reason: you can still wait for the bigger hand.
    • KillerKid
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      Nice Fold, I'm sure that if you make the calculation of your EV folding or calling the EV(f) is > EV(c) then good fold.
      It would be a lucky flop for you just it.....
    • goudviske
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      i would fold aswell...
      QQ+ would be a call or reraise, but wouldn't risk anything else that far in a tourney when other ppl start pushing and not heads up