Rebuy strategy?

    • Leito99
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      what do u think is the best strategy in a rebuy tourney??? Agresive? tight?
      When do you rebuy and when you dont??
      When you add on and when you dont??

      I think it's best to play tight as most others play loose...
      rebuy if you get unluky at the start but later as blinds go up then i dont think its a good idea....
      and i think you probably should add on all the time but i usually dont.....
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    • EdgarAronov
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      I have these same questions :f_confused:
    • LetchLord
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      I definitely play very tight... I aim to get someone all in when I have Aces, Kings, Queens .... sometimes AK and JJ if the opposition seems to be very loose and willing to gamble ... I usually manage to significantly increase my stack, playing very tight and thanks to such people that are making like 10-20 re-buys... I almost always get the add on as well. And after the re-buy period is over, you're in the same tourney paid for 1 buy in and 1 add on, while many of the other players have paid a lot of buy ins + add ons.... This way you make the tourney sooo + EV, as you're competing for the same prize, having paid less than most of the opponents...