• looserbaby79
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      hi guys,
      i was pure sng players and i can beat Sng at around 10$limits and now i want to climb to another limit.
      so i thing taking shot to MTT 22 is better like Sng 22.

      if i understand it well MTT shoud be much profitable like Sng becose very low rake:
      1 question:
      IN Sng i pay 10$ and 1$ rake
      in Mtt i pay 10$ and 1$rake but rebuy and addon is without rake (am i right?) so thats like playing 30+1 sng but players are soooooo fishy.
      so when i have around 10-15%ROI in Sng can my ROI jump little bit higher :-)

      2. i want to put my money(around 1000$) to 4 sites:
      so where is the best traffic?
      i play in Party+Pokerstars+Mansion+ i need more to open 6 tables with 10$Rebuy addon tournament some of then can be 20$freezout - but i definitely prefer RA MTTs.
      I am thinking about FULLTILT, CAKE, EVEREST.

      3. is it true that i can play some sattelites in some sites and after winning i can register to won tournament /unregister and cash out that money.
      i heard this is possible in PARTY

      i hope guys understand my poor english
      and very thx for any advice
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    • bradomurder
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      full tilt is really good for MTT

      and yeah i always play satelites and cash out the $ on Full Tilt, it is T$ though that you have to cash out with a 10% Fee or use to play other tournaments