Hi there
I play under the alias SuperSeanE
I am a professional DON grinder on ipoker at 30 and 50 dollar level depending on where the fish and donk regualrs are at any given moment. Six handed DONs usually. I use sharkscope HUD and pokertracker HUD to help with my decision making because I multitable.

I currently can play around 9 tables comfortably on ipoker. I would like to play more but it is much more difficult than on pokerstars where software such as table ninja can take all of the easy tasks away such as closing down lobbies and registering you automatically for tourneys etc. I can play 16 tables on pokerstars and feel comfortably that it is not affecting my play.

However I want to play more tables on ipoker as I am staying on ipoker for now due to the superb vip rakeback prgramme of around 45% im getting from titan poker due to the volume of sit and gos I play a month.

I would like some suggestions for how to play more tables. Any personal techniques you have for coping with adding more tables and that.

I line up from top left across to top right 3 tables
Then the same again below
Then the same again below
I think this is the tiling method.
Also top left is the longest running sit and go and bottom right is the newest one thats started.

Any suggestions would be really welcomed.