strategy articles for starting?

    • dadude77
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      I'm starting playing FL, I played for awhile with primzi sweat coachign me most nights, so I know a bit, but for a review of the articles, do you think it would be enough to have read all the bronze/silver articles to play .25/.5 sh or what would you guys reccommend?
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    • Waiboy
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      Hey dadude77

      Yeah, with some knowledge you should be okay. Just have a study plan for the gold articles, review posted hands, watch some vids, etc.

      $.25/$.50 has pretty soft games on (I'd guess) most sites. Don't be afraid to table select like a mo'fo' though if you're on iPoker as there are a bunch of TAG regs at that limit. (ie ave players to flop > 40% or position on a couple of 35%+ VPIP fishes).

      Personally, I'd start with FR - open more tables if it is a bit slow - for the first 1 - 2k hands just to get some feel for post flop. Then move to SH with one to two tables - increasing if and when you get comfortable.