Ihufas highstakes MTT, HU cashgames and live events year

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      So im dedicating this year to grinding up some $$$ and then traveling around for EPT, WPT etc and spending them on tourney buyins for big events.

      Many of you probably know me more or less already, but i play mostly MTTs and SnGs at the moment, but also some cashgames.
      Im comfterably beating 60$ sngs and probably NL up to 600 HU, though i will need some bigger samples to be sure.

      I can now go in two directions, HUcashgames or sngs.
      HU cashgames has some big potential if i end up beating it well, which will be pretty hard though, while im already beating sngs for a fair amount of "easy money". another advantage with sngs is it's so easy to mix in a bunch of MTTs while playing them, which i won't be able to while playing HUcash.

      So: you guys decide. HUcash with a bit of MTTs, or SnGs with a bunch of MTTs, cus i really don't know. regardless of what i chose ill still hopefully be traveling a lot for the live MTTs.

      first 5 votes count, so whatever reaches 3 first.

      after the vote i'll just post updates and treat this as my blog. hopefully i can update it a few times a week.
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