I was lucky today getting around 10 FPP without playing any hand on table 0.10/0.25.

A : was playing like donkey bet/call/raise without any good hand.
B : was playing fairly tight.

Some of the hand their played:

$16 pot:
A won it on the river with 27 (river 2)
B lose it with AK

B lose his patience and on tilt, they were keep swearing to each other for next 15mins.

$3x pot:
B lose again with QK vs
A 69

$60 pot:
B : QT
A : JJ

Flop: 28T swearing to each other after flop!!! then bang they both all in...

B won on the river with flush.

*at least 5 players won $5 from player A ($ won from B).
*B losing do not know how many times to A, won it once on $60 pot.
*I didnt win anything, couldn't get any good hand but, it was fun to watch.