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Allin EV Line on Graph

    • luvr7
      Joined: 01.07.2009 Posts: 16
      Allin EV Line...

      This is gonna sound so stupid but what exactly does the allin EV line tell you? Or how do you interpret it? (I was just looking in the Downswing forum at graphs) I just got HEM and I'm still figuring out all the features. I've basically been playing without any kind of stats for months and months and got it cause I was like "I wonder what my bb/100 is". What's running "normal". running "bad" and running "good" look like on it? Or...anything else that would be useful to know?
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    • kingdippy2008
      Joined: 30.08.2008 Posts: 2,107
      Hello luvr7,

      The All in EV line shows you how you perform when you get into all in pots. It calculates your equity (chances you should win the pot) at the time of all in.

      So say you went all in with AA preflop and you were up against KK. You chance of winning is approx 82%. Now the all in ev line calculates how big the pot is and then multiplies it by your chance to win. So if the Pot was $10 you should win $8.20 in the long run.

      If you won the pot then your actual line would be at $10 and your EV line would be at $8.20 saying that you are running above EV. Now over a short period of time the EV line shouldnt mean much as there is too much variance but over 1 million hands it should even out ;)

      Good luck and best regards,