2-3x raise DoN mid stage

    • donroops
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      What do you guys think about raising 2-3bb in the mid stages. Tries it once, seemed to get re-raised alot with it. Anyone use this tactic? If it works 2 out of 3 you're good right?
      I dunno, or just stick to push fold. Seems like something to keep in your arsenal.
      Also alot of people seem to do it alot, meaning i'm not getting first in to steal with decent hands, surely i'll have to push at times with my aq. I'm assuming a call is much more likely after a raise from the raiser, hence I don't like it.
      Just wondering if anyoe uses this and it's increased their roi.
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    • hoffee
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      I play ubertight until the 50-100/75-150, than I bet 2-3BB with shit from any pos. Funny enough its extremely +EV for me.

      Guess this has to do with your table image...

      Never call a raise in DoNs(withouth having premium).
    • SuperSeanE
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      Hey pal
      I think that you have to be very careful when min raising or 3bb betting in dons. Especially at the lower stakes as many players will see this as an invitation to fish call or other better players across the higher stakes like me (i do this all the time) reraise you through seeing weakness in your min raise (hands like a9a10 kq etc 99)

      I love to reraise the smalll raise all in in DONs but only when the player is right, only when I have notes and am very confident they will pass like 90% of the time.

      However I employ the min raise from level 50/100 all the time in 6 handed and 10 handed DONs all the time. There are 2 main times I do it:
      1) with aa or kk against weak aggressive players big blinds who have average or more chip stack who I have colour coded as overly agressive 3 bettors as a way of making sure I can get my chips in against them with my aa kk when otherwise I would not be able to. Note I only do this when I need the chips or there are still at leat 2 players to get knocked out. So this time I do it as a strategy to pretend weakness against predictable weak aggressive players who are all over the 20 30 50 dollar DONs on ipoker.

      2) against weak overly tight reguals I will min raise with rubbish in late position all the time when I have ontes on them that they are happy to pass there bb every time unless they have aa kk themselves. There are many players like this. The thinking is that why make it 3BB when I could make it 2BB with the same effect. Either they pass reagrdless of the amount you raise or ship all in because they have a monster. THus if you can save yourself 1 bb through your steal getting reraised why not. I do this all time and it seems to work. However I would be very careful picking the players to do this too.

      Note that to do this I use 2 HUD to help my judgements. I think that it would be -ev to perform either of 1 or 2 without sufficient evidence to back up these options
    • donroops
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      Thanks for the replies, think I will work this into my game. Though I need to make more notes me thinks.