Moving up from $15 to $30 FT SnGs

    • davodka
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      (If this post more belongs in the SnG strategy discussion, is it possible to move it? Thanks)


      I've been grinding the full tilt hyper turbo SnGs (300 chips only, 3 min blinds, pretty much p/f every hand) and currently am playing the $14 + 1 limits. After a couple of months I now have the bankroll to comfortably move up to $28 + 2 SnGs (and almost the $42 + 3 too) but I'm concerned about some things:

      1. While I try to stick to Nash using ICM trainer I have become accustomed to using the ranges given by SnG Wizard for the $14 limits. If I move up a limit should I initially stick to the SnG Wiz ranges I'm used to for the $14 limits and see if it works? I have a friend who plays the $28 limits and he thinks the style of playing is a lot looser in certain spots to what I'm used to at the $14 limits.

      2. I'm only 6 tabling at the moment. My ideal style of playing would be to play a minimum of 8 - 9 tables ( I can't fit them into my computer screen dammit!). I wanted to iron out simple leaks in my game before both playing more tables and moving up a limit since I still am unsure as to what to do in certain scenarios.

      3. I think also that part of the reason I'm hesitating to move up as well is scared money / new playing environment etc. I know that will pass in due time though!

      Any advice? Bite the bullet and move up, or iron out leaks and get comfy with 8 - 9 tabling first?
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    • lennonac
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      Its alsway tricky moving to a new limit, but what I have always done is play 75% my normal limit and 25% the new limit. I usually lose a few tables as well so I can take some notes on the new limit for any changes I will need to make. I think thats a good way of easing into a new limit.

      Once you think you have all the changes you need go for it 100%
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      hey would love to talk to you about the hypers sometime if you have a chance?
      add me on skype? neversummer8913
    • viewer88
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      watch some video's and post a looooot of hands. Assigning good handranges to the wizard in important, buth it's hard and pretty always a guestimate.
    • davodka
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      Thanks. I'll try the 25% new / 75% normal style when I can, so I can discover new trends. Will do this after I pay off a debt though. It also gives me more of a chance to strengthen my game before moving up. In terms of posting hands, a lot of the pushes and folds are quite elementary and its just the case of estimating hand ranges but if I have any tough spots I'll post hands!
    • EagleStar88
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      Hi davodka,

      Are you still playing turbos?

      I only mention as I am currently grinding the 30+3 regs (non turbo) on Full Tilt, and whilst I can be a bit of a donkey at times, I do tend to run pretty hot on occasions too. I always try to avoid tables with fellow community members :)

      Good luck and keep up the good work,

      Best regards,

    • davodka
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      Sorry yeah I play the $14 + 1 hyper turbos currently. I'm going to mix up playing those with the $28 + 2 turbos, probably 33% of the time since i can only fit 6 tables on my laptop screen at the moment. Hopefully I can save up for a larger monitor and multitable a bit more...