Should I learn both NL and FL articles?

    • timukasr
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      I like No-Limit Hold'em more and it suits me better. So I've read No-Limit articles many times (old ones and new one too).
      But I'd like to know if I should read and study Fixed Limit articles as well. Is it helping me or not? Is it too confusing?
      I registered my PokerStrategy account on 26 May and I started to play on Tuesday (PartyPoker).
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    • Fome
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      Not an expert myself, but a lot of times what you have to do in a given hand will be different in NL and FL. Occasionally you might have to do something completely different, like raising in NL where you would have to fold in FL. As a beginner I think it would therefore be best to concentrate on one area.
    • ciRith
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      Yep, you should go for NL or FL in the beginning. There are different strategys which will confue you very much especially as a begginer. I myself don't read the NL articles because I fear that I can't judge the FL strategy 100% if I know both.

      Later on it should be no problem but mastering both is consuming much time which I don't have but if you have it.. why not :)