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Steps on PokerStars.

    • budzior
      Joined: 26.02.2009 Posts: 1,159
      I want to play some big tournament like Sunday Million or Warm-up (for me those are big :) ) but my bankroll isnt too big to play it so i start to play steps.

      I won twice STEP 1-STEP3 and lost in STEP3 two times (horrible suckouts!)
      and i want to ask you: Its better to play STEP3 after winning two steps or change STEP3 for seven STEPs1 (STEP3 is worth 82$, STEP1 7,50$) and play them or play in STEP3 and hope to win it?
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    • Styr
      Joined: 11.03.2009 Posts: 417
      First of all, how do you change a Step3 ticket to seven Step1 tickets?

      Secondly, I quite dislike Step1 and Step2, because they are available only in turbo formats. So, it may be somewhat more difficult to play (more better players), but it is more skill oriented, than both Step1 and Step2.
    • AlexanderD22
      Joined: 26.08.2009 Posts: 377
      I don't know about P* cause I don't really play there but here is my strategy, just came up with it so hasn't been used in practice very effectively yet.

      On UB I am doing the steps, there the steps start at $0.10+0.01 and go to step 10 for $2250+100. Also in most steps 1-2 get ticket for next step and 3 gets to replay same step. Sometimes 4 gets to replay or go back one step and such.

      Now my plan is to play for 10 tickets to each step so that I have minimum 10 chances at each step. Keep in mind that the real low cost of the steps at UB makes the early steps complete donkfests where you can almost fold your way to a replay for sure. The problem is that you are pretty much flipping once you hit the replay payout because the donkeys who got lucky early and have a bigstack are just going to continue their idiot play and for you to go AI preflop.

      Anyway, I paid entry to 12 step 1s and got my 10 tickets to step 2 pretty easy, 10 step 2 tickets turned in 7 step 3 pretty easily. Here is the tricky part to my method. When I got the 7 tickets to step 3 with no other tickets left I start back at step 1 to get to step 3 without the need for 10 step 2's. This keeps my fixed buyin at 11 cents.

      Moral of the story, I have to this point invested $2.64 and currenty have 6 step 6 tickets which would cost $30+2.35 each had I paid for them. My mentality is that with 10 shots at each step I should be able to move up minimum 20% of the original tickets, could be wrong but why not try, and eventually get 1 of the big step 10 paydays. Right now, though I doubt I will make it there in time, only 2 places paid in Step 10...1st WPT 5 Diamond Bellagio Event worth 17.5k (15.4K BI + 2100 for expenses) and 2nd is $2750. In some cases they also just credit your account with the cash, better for me as my limited live experience would make playing a tourney of the quality interesting to say the least, however going to Vegas doesn't cost a great deal so it could be fun lol.