The new member's thread.

    • DodoStek
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      Hey people!

      While I didn't see a thread where everybody can introduce himself, I figured to start it myself.

      Well, let's start with me. I'm Dodo, new here. Via PokerStrategy I am now playing my first internetpoker, but I have been playing it for a few years now with friends. Most of the time I win in this live play, and now I plan on doing the same against my internet opponents. I have read all of your articles up to bronze, and they were very helpful to me!
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    • Stefan1000
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      Hi Dodo,

      I am Stefan, Head Admin of this Site. 28y old. I am playing online poker now for almost 2 years. But actually due to my job here at PokerStrategy i don'thave a much time left at the moment to play a lot of hands.

      And welcome to our forum Dodo.

      Best regards,