Cannot Win at Showdown anymore!

    • DaPhunk
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      When I started NL100 FR BSS I ran incredibly well. However Party poker then returned to normal and my downswing happened which has eliminated almost all of the winnings I made playing this variant.

      I looked through my hand groupings Since my DownSw0ng started, Highlights are;

      Three of a Kind, Set - Lost $288 (as opposed to High Card - Lost $263.)

      2 Card Flush High - Lost $80

      Ak - Lost $50

      QQ - Lost $80

      I lost the most with

      77 - Lost $280

      In fact, I really didn't win with much apart from AA or KK.....

      Anyway, Just had to vent my feelings somewhere. I really hate getting QQ now because Every time I see a flop with it, its an A high Flop which ruins my action.

      I'm not saying I can't improve or that I'm even a good player, I probably fold in the wrong places and call in the wrong places. Its just I really get the feeling I'm getting stupidly unlucky at the moment and its kind of frustrating. I see regulars making quite a lot of bad plays yet I can't win myself. Its getting a bit old now....

      I guess I might quit Poker after clearing my next PartyPoker Buy-A-Bonus. I just don't think I have any natural aptitude at this game or ability to deal with the small swings (this is technically a small swing right?) that are part of it.
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    • Kruppe
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      thats a pretty big and brutal swing for NL FR if you're a winning player imo (unless you're hyper-aggro, like some of the famous mass-grinders on stars, i think), not just a small swing. in SH i guess this would be more a standard swing