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    • SuperSeanE
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      Hey guys and girls
      I am thinking of starting a blog and with each new blog adding a video or link to a video. The videos will be 1 hour long 6 tabling DONs on pokerstars.

      Im thinking of doing one video for each stake- starting at 3 dollar and moving up to the 100 dollar.

      I think I will do 2/3 differnet vidoes for the 10 20 and 50 dollar games

      Would anyone be intersted?

      Visit my profile- I have a group just for DON players if anyone is interested in joining- this video is primarily for these members and anyone else that will watch it

      The reason behind this is there are two videos available on this forum for DONs and I fell that I can do a much better job than these two as playing DONs is my job.
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