You Saw a Fish Asking To Be Caught! Will u try to catch it?

    • Justin37
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      Well, i was playing today for about 10mins on pokerstars. Somebody went on Tilt after losing big POT on 0.10/0.25 table. He rebuy $25 and started playing like fish like 9-2o, 5-j...He lost the big pot due to his donkey play.

      FISH: AQo Raise to $1 (UTG1)
      Fisherman: Raise 3 times of the pot. ( Should be AA,KK or AK)
      FiSH: Called

      Flop: Q 5 2

      Fish : ALL IN
      Fisherman : Called (KK and won)

      He was next to me.

      Should i change my style of play just to catch him OR stick with my game plan?

      I'm a bit regretted since, if i change my playing style I should be winning 3times againts him with my Jd-9d, 9h-Kh and my 87s.

      *i'm 5 more strategy points to silver status yahooOOO....
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