Cash Games vs SnG for Bankroll Building?

    • VelvetBlade
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      Apologies if this has been asked before guys, but with a minimal bankroll and the goal of building it up and hitting the higher limits.. Which approach would you recommend: SnGs or Cash Games.

      While I understand that poker is by no means a short term pursuit, just wondering as to your opinons as to which is the marginally faster method? Or is it really just a matter of personal preference?
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    • Frakkk
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      Cashgames have less variance, which is what you want when you are building your bankroll. To play SnG's you need 100-200 Buyins to be comfortable. In cashgames 30Buyins is comfortable and you can climb up the limits more easily. Of course you have to ask yourself too, what would be better for you. If you don't feel comfortable playing every hand for cash and you feel you have a good feeling for the tournament type game, then do whats best for you.
    • Justin37
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      Let say u play 1 table only.

      Sitting around 2 hours on cash game will give your a lot FPP, with VERY tight style of play it is almost immposible to lose unless u are very unlucky AA vs J2 and lose :)

      While sitting for 2 hours on SNG $1 buy in give u FPP1 and might not win anything.
    • ksh198
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      cashgame I think, turned 100 into 1000, 350 into 1500 and 66 into 1800, all times in less than 2 weeks every single time(I don't do anything else than play poker though). so many idiots at these limits you can overbet and so on. sngs takes long time to play and there is alot of flips there. no problem to play 16tables+ in cashgame aswell since u can play TAG and, playing 16 sngs is harder when it gets down to top5 since you need look at the stacks, how many players left and so on.

      or you can just get lucky in some tournaments. Had 10 dollar at FTP, started playing matrix 3,5 dollar hyper turbo sng, grinded to 45 dollar, played a 14+1 hyper MTTgot 2nd. won 1,4k then played a 69+5 and won it 4,4k ^^; didn't have bankroll management, usually play at PS, but that's how 10 dollar of internet fun can turn into alot of real life fun^^
    • pootsman
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      Depends on your style of play.. and also your bonus.
      If your unlocking a bonus such as a starting capital then you should play cashgames, no doubt about it..
      But building your bankroll means playing the game you beat. Find it. Play it. Love it.
    • andreibalint
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      I would go for SnG's. First reason is that by playing them i made more than cash games. There are a lot of very bad, and i am serious VERY bad players at the lower limits (i went all in for 10BB and got called with 23o; the dude just wanted to have some fun).

      Another thing is you'll be able to play an MTT also so you should definately play some (don't expect to win them, not even cash in them since variance can be huge i guess).

      If you are not very experienced you won't miss playing like 16tables... I play 6 sng's without a stretch.

      If you really want to make a bankroll i recommend you set a number of SnG's to play (or no. of hours/day). I like to go for minimum 10sngs/day. It isn't a great idea to do that if you are a really bad tilter, but for me it works.

      Don't imagine i made a fortune doing this, but played like this the 2$ BI and ended up after a month +35BI because i had a horrible DOWNswing!!! (about 30BI)
    • jonnyquest
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      Originally posted by ksh198
      cashgame I think, turned 100 into 1000, 350 into 1500 and 66 into 1800, all times in less than 2 weeks every single time
      WOW!!! May I ask you what your bb/100 hands is? Do you play SSS or BSS? How many hands do you play in 2 weeks? Do you play for a living?