NonShowdown Winnings

    • Tim64
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      This is probably really obvious, but I'm new to this funcionality in HEM.

      I notice that my non-showdown winnings increase when I play more aggressively post flop, but my showdown winnings decrease. That is, they seem inversely related.

      Is this simply because I am inducing more folds by my opponents by 3betting postflop - e.g. on the Turn - but when they do not fold and the river is checked down, I am less often ahead against those hands that have called my raise?

      If I've got that right, what's the best way of balancing SD and Non-SD winnings?
      Do I need to worry about balancing them?
      And if I don't need to worry, which should I concentrate on (which forms a greater part of a player's winnings, on average)?

      Grateful for your thoughts,

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    • superjunk
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      Yes you are right =)
      On 2+2 they made some good post about nonSD winnngs en SD winnings..
      It's not bad if you got a negative nonSD line, SD line is more important.
    • Ishindar
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      if u are a winning player be careful about making changes to your game balance, after all, winning is most important :)

      i have both my showdown and non showdown winnings going exponentially positive. this is because I rarely push all in. Im more inclined to 3bet preflop and make conti bets on the flop. I find this play more profitable overall at NL100 and beyond where players think more :P