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      i have played 70 5dollar s&g and managed 3 third place finishes.
      i played only the hands in the charts and also i had colin moshmans s&g book beside me.
      when the blinds went up i pushed according to the icm model only to discover online hand values are not the same as live.
      i had KK 11times and won once.
      ii flopped 9 sets and won 2.
      had QQ 8 times and won none.
      last wednesday i won a mtt freezeout for 1375 dollars so i have some idea what i am doing.my question is has anyone produced a book with the online odds rather then real world odds.for example i had AK against AQ 13 times and won 2.therefore AQ appears to be a favourite.if there is such a book please let me know.while typing this i just had AK all in against J6.
      K on the flop 6 on turn and 6 on river.what a site.please help.
      regards benem 75 ?(
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