Newbie needing halp!

    • nastionok
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      My boyfriend created his account on pokerstars around 6 months ago and got his starting bankroll from PokerStrategy. He told me he had to send his ID to the site, but I was not requested to do so through the process.

      We will be playing from the same IP's (sometimes his place, sometimes my place), but we signed in with different home addresses.

      Do I still need to send my picture ID in this case, or what should I do?

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    • EagleStar88
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      Hi nastionok & welcome to PokerStrategy,

      An ID check isn't always requested, but it is recommended if you register/play from the same household or IP address to avoid PokerStrategy mistakenly thinking your the same person registering more than once.

      Your can forward your ID to the following email:

      They would simply need a photo or scan of an ID such as a passport or drivers licence in addition to proof of your address/residence (e.g. gas or telephone bill).

      If you can ensure that the photos/scans are set to high quality, so that the details on the ID (e.g. name/address/date of birth etc) are clearly readable for our support staff.

      What might also be useful is a photo of you holding these documents next to your face too, as I know that this has been requested on occasions. This bit isn't compulsory at the moment, but might save time later if they do ask for it.

      Hope this helps, Best regards,