6-max NL tabels

    • saneknl
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      I am paling now full ring 10/25c NL tabels.
      Multitabling 10-12 tabels. And I never tried 6-max NL.

      Is it possible to Multitabling about 10 tabels on 6-max NL game?
      And what hour rate is realistic in 10/25c 6-max NL per tabel?
      Is there a big differebce between 10/25c 6-max NL and upper limits
      50c and 1$?
      How big the difference between 6 players and full ring tabel on this limits?
      Shoud I play Tight/Agressive or Loose/Agressive there?
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    • PokerRoad
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      Its possible to play 32 6max tables if you dont like playing hands :f_love:
    • KidPokersKid
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      I am sure you could multitable up to 10 tables depending on how well you know the game, I myself can play 6 tables without any problems.
      I don't know about an hourly rate but I am about 5.8BB/100 over 55k hands NL25
      Yes I think there is a difference between NL25 and NL50 because the aggression goes up a lot more than on NL25.
      It is not a huge difference but you do have to change your game because there are some concepts on FR that don't apply to SH like calling a raise for setvalue.
      A good LAG works great on SH but if your bad it will cost you, they teach TAG here and it is not like it doesn't work.

      Hope that helps I only answered to the best of what I know.