referred friends question

    • SlickAzn
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      Hey! I lost my own $50 because of a very bad beat wich involved quad aces versus royal flush.
      I referred 10 friends, and 2 of them signed up and got above 100 PP now.
      I did not received anything from it yet.
      How come ? < question lol.
      Oke have a good day bye bye
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    • howard182
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      Quads versus royal, eh? You could work on a more plausible story for next time (the losing it on a single hand bit I believe though, that's called not practicing bankroll management).

      Perhaps you aren't owed enough referral money for a transfer yet? The minimum is $50.
    • Stefan1000
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      1. Stick to the Bankroll Management next time

      2. You will get the $50 but it always takes a few days until the money for recruited friends is transfered.

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