Time to kill it

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      Hello everyone!

      I've been playing poker since January and, after successfully blowing the 50$ capital, I've experienced a few failures involving more free cash and some of my own money.

      However, it helped. All my mistakes taught me a lot. Now it's time to take my game to the next level: making money out of it.

      A long-term objective is to earn 3 million FPP on PokerStars (by the end of 2011) and get that Porsche (or whatever car they will be offering at the time). Short-term: increase bankroll, reach new levels, withdraw some money... the usual.

      Do I have a bankroll? Why, certainly. And it's rather impressive:

      PokerStars: 22.06$
      PartyPoker: 3.13$

      Let the fun begin!
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