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Insane SNG and final table

    • squishy
      Joined: 15.07.2009 Posts: 8
      Ill do a little intro if thats ok.
      So first i started with my $50 from Ps playing sss on Full Tilt poker within BRM, all in all i was making money only through bonuses after playing for 3 months so i decided to switch up a bit and play more sng's and tournaments with my $300 i had at the moment.

      Long story short, on the second day of playing sng's i made $350 from a $3 + 0.3 (937 plrs) when i got to the final table chip leader and got to final 3 chip leader as well to only make a deal for more money than second place and a third place finish after some blinds moved around. So i was happy but still wanted a 1st place and of course partially regreted making such a deal which is the reason of this post.

      The win did come but it wasnt a big tourney, it was a $5 deep stack 90 plr sng but it felt like a 900. I managed to get in the top 5 since early in the tournament and never fell back more than 10th. Actually i was 1 of 80 or sth which definatedly helped me play my A game. Anyhow the drama was present and I actually had more fun than in the last tourney and ill talk about some hands which i think are worthy of mentioning.

      First off came probably the most decisive hand which gave me an epic lead. There were 15 players left and my table was 7-handed. I was second in chips after going down and back up at 35k and the chip leader which was at my table atm had 57k. Third was around 25k i think. I had been observing the chip leader for a while now since he took lead and he was very often pushing ppl to make wrong decisions by chatting with them lol and i clearly saw his strategy and could read him pretty well until he said "Im good in this hand" before the cards where even dealt and prolly nobody else noticed or wasnt up for the challenge but i had KQos on the bb and he of course had raised from UTG as he had predicted and he was good for his word. It was folded down to me and i cautiously called hoping to see a good flop or even push him out of the hand or at least read him on the flop so it came down

      (I didnt record the hand so values rounded)
      7 handed
      blinds 400/800

      UTG Vill 57k
      BB hero 35k KQos

      UTG raises 4bb, 5folds, hero calls.

      8 10 8 rainbow

      and here it gets really interesting cause i pot bet o 2/3 dunno and he almost automatically comes over the top with 24k on a 14k pot. Thats when i had to tank and decide weather he was bluffing or not. I didnt have any stats but he was playing extremely aggresively and more over he had said his hand was good before it was even dealt to him so he could have pretty much anything. Generally he would expect me to fold unless i have the nutzors but at the same time he had never lied on chat about his hand and played very predicatbly which he might have though gave him some credibility except for the fact this time had had said it before the cards where on his hands so i did predict a 1/9 call from my shove.
      To top this out he says "i call all in" right before i mega shove and i think im screwed, this was not one of those 8/9 and he tops K10os for a pair.
      In conclusion the cards came out

      8 10 8 Q 6

      for a huge suck out and hero claims 70k and top spot. :f_cool:

      Later on at the final table i managed to get 3-handed with a huge lead like 1:7 on both the short stacks and after some hands i proposed a deal cause im so nice or maybe in my unconsciousness i just wanted to take 1st place and knew i could actually get a deal and win more money than 1st prize. Anyhow one of them didn't accept and he even refused to speak up and answer our questions which i thought was really rude and i felt bad for the other guy cause he had 1 foot out and i called the rude aggressive villain with 45os, he tabled A2os and i shipped the pot with trip 5's and actually made a deal with the other guy cause the box was already ticked and he got like 7 bucks more from me and i got $107 if i recall correctly.

      So thats all and i hope i didnt bore anyone much, i probably wont post anymore about sng's and just comment on any tourneys shipped if that happens.

      Feed back is very much appreciated and suggestions as well, hope u enjoyed reading, peace.
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