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    • SuperSeanE
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      Hey guys I was just wondering what you think about below:

      I logged in to titan poker at 8.30 am this morning like I do mon-fri intending to grind away at the 30 and 50 dollar DONs on ipoker. However I hit a massive heater and won 550 dollars in two hours.

      Can I just log off for the day and go and enjoy my planned weekend off early? I am doind by the way. I have enough titan points this week for my quota of vip club bonuses and rakeback that I set myself for each week so I thought what the hell.

      I have never done this before as I normally play set hours 45 hours a week and pay no attention to short term results only really looking at my balance at the end of every sesssion. Although occasionally I may start steaming from losing a lot of 70-30s in a row on a bubble.

      So can I just leave while winning? Is there any real truth in the thought of 'wow im running so well so I need to carry on until im not running well'

      OR 'never leave the tables when you cant miss until your play is becoming affected by tiredness or fatigue.' (clearly if my play is not A B game then I logg off)

      Does it really make a difference: if there is any truth in the claim that im running well does it matter if I play more games now or logg off. Becuase if I am running well then be it a week month day or whenever I logg in next I would still be running well.

      Any thought would be much appreciated
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    • RahXephon1
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      Running well is just a perception.

      Still I think it's very fine to just leave and enjoy the weekend. If you earn some more you won't be much happeir than you already are, and if you loose a lot you will not be happy wishing you never continued, so if you have no quota to feel just enjoy the weekend. Monday session will be the same whatever you do now.