Not always seeing Villains hand?

    • Flipzors
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      I've had this happen a few times, but here's a specific example of what happened to me today:

      Villain was in UGT1
      Hero was in MP1

      Preflop was 3bet resulting in Villain all-in. When it comes down to the showdown I show my cards QQ and take the pot.

      I have position on him so I don't understand why I'm not seeing his losing cards.

      Even if he has Muck losing/Uncalled hands checked, shouldn't it still show as he is first to act?
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    • drdrab
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      you can usually see mucked showdown cards in hand histories regardless if it is shown at the table or not. If it's a cash game PP automatically shows the best hand.

      If it's SNG or MTT then really it should've shown as soon as the all-in was called.