Hi all,
I am perfectto (also known as genpoder) and another, young poker player, who wants to make money and have fun playing poker game. I am from Poland and should write in board of polish PS comunity, but I decided to write a blog in english (another reason is improving, my not the best english skills).

So, I recently play fixed limit at .25/.5 limit (pokerstars). Imho, it isn't very hard limit and full of weak players (like me ;) ). My aim is fast limit up for better play and bigger pots, but my BR isn't suitable for higher stakes (I got only 250BB for playing at .5/1)

I think, that blogging here will be good part of learning ev+ poker and sharing my small achievments.

I'm also trying to play MTT (actually not for money, but for diversity).

Good luck at your tables.

I forgot write about my poker history :) I started play about half year ago, but it wasn't seriously at all (mostly freerolls and playmoney games). In may, I deposited 5$ and lost'em, playing Omaha Hi. Next, I played free sng at Everest Poker, but I couldn't build bankroll, more than a few dollars. Finally, I found PokerStrategy and I was playing at Titan Poker about month, but I lost bankroll.

Lastly, I deposited 10$ and started smart play at PokerStars.

When I got 10-20$ - I was playing .02/.04 FR - for ~two weeks.
When I got 20-60$ - I was playing .05/.1 FR - for ~month.
When I got 60-130$ - I was playing .1/.2 FR - for ~month, but I got downswing and had to come back at previous limit.
When I got 130 and more I'm playing at .25/.5 FR - since a week and now my bankroll is 240-250.

When I get ~300$ I will start playing 0.5/1 FR.

You can also visit polish version of this blog.