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      So... Hi everyone!

      I noticed almost everyone is starting their S'n'G blogs, so I actually decided to start my own.

      Reasons to do so?

      Well mostly I hope that experienced S'n'G players will take a look at the blog and give me some tips and reviews about my progress, since I'm not really have that much experience I don't think I can teach someone with the things I'll post in this blog, althrough I'll be very glad if anyone will be able to pick any usefull information from my writings:)

      Well..First of all I'd like to quickly mention from where I started to take S'n'G seriously.

      After withdrawing all the money I had in various poker rooms and depositing to PS ( I just love their Hyper-Simple Theme and hate the look of FTP tables:) I started with BR of approx 280$ what allowed me to play 3.4$ S'n'G s according to 70 BI rule (I'm actually curious about BI rules, I thougth about changing it to 50 BI but here I saw some post that it should be even 80 BI, will be glad if someone could share their thoughts on the subject) In the process I moved to 5.5 S'n'G and now have 530$ including 70$ from bonuses. I played about 430 games at this point and the av. roi is 13% (not to low? How much it should be?)

      OK. Time for the graph!

      I think I'm progressing to slow.

      And another one

      Don't you think I kinda bubble guy finishing that much 4th?

      I also started to use SharkScope which is really great. Helps to find really easy tournaments.

      Thats it for now. I hope I won't be writing about how my BR went down to 250$ next time. I really hope to move to 11$ already.
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