• randomdonk
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      so here i am happily multitabling sngs when suddenly the soft goes crazy and tables stop popping up. i look for the tables that need action, click one, fold some trash hand and a table that doesn't need action pops up. i try to repeat the sequence but eventually is hard to keep up and i start timing out on tables ..... pretty annoying

      anyone else has this problem? :s_o:
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    • THeGaME23
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      No but i've only been using FT for 3 days. Maybe you have a virus?
    • pablomeza
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      I have it as well and it is very annoying, and it only gets fixed until that particular table that keeps popping up actually requires you to act. I play 8 tables though so I can cope with it until it gets fixed, but it does occur throughout the whole session at different times. It has been happenning since the latest update.
    • Faye6891
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      Originally posted by THeGaME23
      Maybe you have a virus?
      It's probably not a virus. A lot of people on 2+2 are complaining about different bugs with FT software, and this is one of them.

      I haven't experienced it though, so can't help you there. :(