How many tables?

    • Kaitz20
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      When I joined pokerstrategy and Partypoker, I was playing 1 tabel, then 2, then 4 (in FL 4 was quite maximum- after that came 6 tables (that was really the maximum in FL, actually 5 tables was ok). Then I decided that in NL I could earn more and 6 tables seemed so easy. Yesterday I got my new monitor 21`` 1600x1200 resulution and now 9 tables seems fine:D . I had some downswings and my bankroll is 160$. I think that I should move down NL 25 to NL10, because there is risk that I could loose 10x buy-in and then I have only 100$ left and that´s not very good.
      SSS player folds a lot and I think if I play fine and could concentrate enough then I should earn more money.
      What is your maximum tables number?
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    • frzl
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      1/2 fl sh up to 6 (i played 8 at full ring but sh its too much for me)
      2/4 fl sh up to 4

      nl100 up to 12 because its the cap at partypoker and pokerstars. sss of course. before my downswing i mixed it up with a few nl200 tables but it hink you can play the sss at nearly any limit with 12 tables or more...
    • Anakha
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      FL I played four tables, my monitor is just 1024x768 so any more isn't a pretty sight.

      NL depends a lot on my mood, I've regularly played 4, at the moment I'm playing more on reads though so I start out with 2 and add a third when I have a feel for those two tables.

      For SSS I did 6 tables, don't see how it keeps from getting boing any other way :) .
    • ciRith
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      4-6 tables 5/10$ SH (does the limit really matter? ;) )
      I noticed that I loose much value if I play 5+ tables so I need to "feel" good about it else my max is 4.