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First 'real' poker experience

    • metalDays
      Joined: 26.09.2009 Posts: 97
      So I finally stopped talking about, stopped dreaming about it and finally went to a real 'freeroll' poker game today.
      I was watching poker videos and reading articles the entire day and was just so excited to finally go.

      Alas I couldn't find the place and came after about 45 minutes after it has started, so the blinds were 100/200. I recieved only a worth of 1000 chips, so no suprise, I had to go through 3 buy ins with the 3rd being an addon.

      I was extremely nervous the whole time. I was actually suprised at the people there, it was all kinda 'gangsta' plp inside. I was dressed very formally and didn't quite fit in, plus I only knew one friend who was playing so we couldn't chat, whilst everyone there seemed to know eachother. I felt kinda of awkward.

      I signed up and when i was called to the table and actually sat down, my adrenaline rushed to my head. I didn't know how it all worked, how the dealer worked, how the plp would react...

      My first game, I was already paying the Big Blind and I asked if I could exchange the 1000 coin, but they all replied in a nervous manner, to put it on the table and it'd be exchanged when all the pot is there. I was rly nervous the entire time. it was going rly fast and I didn't have time to put all my theoretical poker knowledge to practise, but I was still having fun.

      Then something funny happened - my first good hand came, K and Q of hearts. I raised to 500 and i think 2 others called. Then the dealer looks at me and goes like ' what about you' and I said I raised. Then the dealer had a look of terror in his eyes -- he shuffled my cards with the folded one. he called the manager, and the manager told me sorry, it was the dealer's fault but there was nothing they could do. I wasn't really angry, I was still very nervous and stressed. The dealer told me sorry like 20 times and he asked me what I had. I told him honestly. The guy that won, won with a Q that paired with another q on the flop, and he was kind enough to split the win with me, so that was a nice experience.

      Then I had another very embarassing moment. I was the Big Blind and some plp only called, but one guy only had a 500 chip. I thought it was a raise and I said fold. Everyone looked at me and my friend said 'dude...check it'. I was sooo red in the face :) )
      After that it all went very fast again and I lost in 30 minutes I think.

      Soo my that's my first experience. I played for about 45 minutes or maybe an hour and wasted 15 euros alltogether. Then, my friend advised me not to play freerolls, that they cost money, but better play freezeouts or tournaments.

      So I hope next time I'll be more calm and last longer in the game ( and not loose so much money) but still, I had a lot of fun and cannot wait to go again ! ... maybe even tommorow, there's another freeroll :D
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