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    • EagleStar88
      Joined: 06.10.2008 Posts: 7,359
      Hi Dandiik,

      Thank you for your suggestion. As you're probably already aware your PokerStrategy ranking is based on a rolling 4 week basis, so if you stop playing for a while, your ranking will eventually drop down.
      It will of course increase as soon as you meet the criteria for Silver/Gold etc again within any 4 week period.

      Full details are provided in the following link and submenus:

      Generally speaking PokerStrategy find that when players play less or stop altogether, they do not need access to the Silver+ articles so much and these can be quickly obtained again once they start playing again.

      It works well the other way around too, in that a member can quickly go up in status ranking by just playing regularly during any 4 week period as opposed to having to reach a lifetime points target to obtain Silver/Gold etc status which would of course take much longer to achieve.

      Obviously it costs PokerStrategy a lot of money investing in the strategy articles, coaching, hand judges etc not to mention the free starting capitals, so they cannot simply give everything away too cheaply. It's important that members play a certain amount to generate a little income to help offset these incurred costs.

      It is however a nice suggestion and we appreciate you posting it. I'll make sure that it is passed onto the relevant person(s) for due consideration.

      Best regards,