what's wrap?

    • daisuke3823
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      I'm reading a book which is advanced pot limit omaha

      and there are a word "wrap" often, but I am not sure what it means.
      for example,
      you have Q heart,9 club,8 heart,6 spade.
      and the flop comes

      J diamond ,10 spade,2 diamond.
      and the author says " I've got a weak end 17 card wrap on a two flush board "

      in that case, what are that 17 -card?

      if someone can explain, please help me with it!

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    • eteris
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      4(K)+3(Q)+3(9)+3(8)+4(7) = 17 if i'm not wrong :|
    • 8412king
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      Wrap is when you have at least three cards in our hand that helps you to draw to a straight which gives you at least 13 outs. Note that an inside straight draw with three hole card in middle does not give you a wrap and only 9 outs.

      17 is the number of outs to hit your straight. And it is also good to count the nut outs to evaluate the strength of draw.
    • funktor
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      Let see glossary in Pot Limit Omaha Poker - Big Play Strategy by Jeff Hwang

      Wrap/Wraparound: a straight draw bigger than the standard eight-card straght draws in holdem; unique to Omaha poker.

      And book Advanced Pot Limit Omaha page 528 has definition of wraparound as well :P