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HU SnG hands

  • 4 replies
    • DiegoFueng
      Joined: 13.10.2008 Posts: 3,667
      1- 3bet preflop. Bet flop bet turn bet river.
      As you played it, is ok what u did postflop

      2- Raise preflop. If you call his bet on the flop, you should bet the turn.

      3- Raise preflop to 90, all in on flop.
    • Dawidas888
      Joined: 22.06.2009 Posts: 826
      JJ -

      AJo -

      What about these folds? And your thought process please...
    • mcbethk
      Joined: 15.09.2008 Posts: 29
      JJ- id open 3x pre but yea 2.5x is ok whateva. def raise hes donkbet, to get some information about what he does that with, ppl use to donkbet w/ draws, bottom pairs w/ random shit etc. My line would be like, raise hes dbet if he 3bets its a easy fold if he calls id double barrel him. anyways point is that they'll fold like 90% of time if u raise, id only call to trap.
      AJ- just raise more on flop, bet more turn, ur betsizing looks weak.
    • TheClowns
      Joined: 21.04.2009 Posts: 3,360
      On the first hand I will probably bet something between 320-360 instead, I think that you let much more draws to call. For the 3-bet preflop it depends a lot on your style and your opponent, for myself I prefer to flat it, I'm really passif preflop in general and KQ is really easy to play postflop.

      On the second hand I'm asking myself what are you doing there. I don't really like to bluff your hand like you did. You gave no information about vilain but in general people are more incline to play their draws more agressivily and on that kind of board they don't like to fold any piece of it because you don't represent anything. So just fold or raise on the flop depending how agressive he is preflop and weak postflop.

      On the third hand you are on 15/30 blinds so I think you should give us some information about vilain ;) . So if you don't give us any information about vilain or your plan I'll try my best to give you my opinion. Vilain 3-bet you really big preflop and I don't know how often is he 3-beting but for me the call is awful. If your opponent 3-bet you a lot than you can min-raise or limp much more trying to keep your edge postflop. If you keep 2.5BB raise than you can fold here or 4-bet shove if you think you have decent FE. Played like you did I think you can't really call on this flop because it's costing you too many chips so you can just shove on the flop hoping him to fold.

      Information on your plan and vilain? I don't know how tricky your opponent is or how fishy he is but there I'm rarely folding because there's so many draws. If you have reasons to think that vilain always have the K here than ok the fold on the turn is the right move. Against a lot players I'll just raise on the flop for value and to know where I am.

      For the AJo I really like the min-raise with these stack size but the 2.5BB raise is fine too. There's a lot of draws on this flop, why do you let him the odds to hit them? I'll probably raise 120 on the flop and the 7 is a terrible card if he called you on the flop but don't let him a freecard if he have a draw, you can still make value on worst J so my plan on this hand should be to shove any turn after a nice raise on the flop.