how would YOU act here?

    • Leito99
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      i was playing shorthanded and this was on nl 10
      the cuttoff raised 3 times the bb...i had AKo on the small blind and raised almost 3 times his amount....and the bb raised about 2.5 times my reraise which was about half his stack
      what would you do???
      i just want to know ur action here but i dont know his hand....

      here was my theory....probably many wont agree
      i think that his range would be most of the time AK,JJ QQ KK AA
      i guess i could have shoved because of good odds but i decided since its a flip or i am dominated i called....if he has JJ or QQ or KK and i hit an ace or king then he wont get away from it because the pot was as big as the stack he had left and if i dont hit the flop then he has me beat and i can fold....

      is it bad play? i think it is pretty fishy to call here but ah well
      what do you think??
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    • Bierbaer
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      Definitely push it.
      You're only flopping an A or K 33% of the time and if he happens to have AQ you fold the best hand.
      And as you said you have 50% equity anyway, so you can safely push for a minimum of a breakeven play.